Finding Your Creative Process

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Finding your creative process. | Harrington Harmoneis

Being a creative person, I have a creative process that I go through. Many bloggers have times when they get writing blocks and they say they “have no more words”…but I’m not one of them. It’s not because I am a better writer, that’s for sure- grammar and editing are not my strength.

It’s my creative process that keeps me inspired and it seems to provide me with many more ideas than I actually have time to do or write about. I have to let go of a lot of them. They are the blog posts never written.

I really and truly do at least 95% of the projects I come up with and post about on my blog- plus I homeschool and am a military spouse. I also have 2 adult children, one still at home- a college student.  I really don’t have time to blog about everything I do with my own son in our homeschool or all the projects I do with children in my art classes. I have to pick and choose. I have to be smart and purposeful about my writing and teaching.

My Creative Process

Really, the two complement one another- blogging about what I do (homeschooling and teaching art) and actually doing it. They seem to provide a back and forth creative process. One feeds the other and vice versa. It’s a terrific process which I truly enjoy; and when it’s working nicely, one makes me better at the other. It’s a beautiful circle that dances around and around producing energy and creativity as it cycles. I love that it helps and can be shared with others. But sometimes I need change.

Finding Your Creative Process.Much like impressionism…I have to take a step back and look at the whole picture. Only then can everything have focus.

So I’m taking a blog break. Yep. 

While it won’t be a complete break- you’ll see some new content this summer -but it will be considerably less writing. While I’m on the break I’ll be looking at where I’m headed in my life, praying about that direction and working to allow the Lord to recreate me anew so that I can return to homeschooling and blogging with energy and renewed vigor in the fall. It will require reassessing my efforts, letting go of things which do not produce good fruit, and defining new goals or direction.

The Renewal Process- Burning Away the Old

Spring time on the Kansas prairie  has “spoken” to me that I need a renewal in order to proceed. I live in the Flint Hills. Each spring they burn the grasses from the previous year (view beautiful images of the burning) in order to allow new growth. It renews the prairie. The young grass which grows up in place of the old provides better nutrients for livestock to graze on. In the earlier days these fires were started with flint- hence the name Flint Hills.  Do you see where I’m going now with all this?

I need to “burn away” the old so that the new growth can happen. This is also part of my creative process. Only then can new creative juices flow and bring forth new life in my writing and teaching.

[tweetthis]”Burn away” the old so that new growth can happen. This is part of the creative process. Only then can we have new growth and bring forth new ideas and creativity. #hsbloggers[/tweetthis]

Creative process- taking a break brings forth new growth.

Finding Your Creative Process

You might be feeling burnt out with homeschooling. Maybe it’s your first or second, or third year. I’m on year 15, give or take a few. It takes a level of creative energy to teach others-possibly even more when teaching our own children. But seriously, don’t neglect your own creative process. Do what works for you to be renewed, take a break for a week, a month, as long as it takes. And then return to your homeschool mission with renewed insight and enthusiasm. If you are faithful, pray and ask the Lord to direct your heart. Find your creative process and give yourself permission to experience it. It will make you a better wife, mom, and teacher.

If you have a creative process I’d love to hear the details of how it works for you. How do you do your homeschool planning? What inspires you most? Do you keep you cup full enough to overflow? Or do you feel like your running on empty? What ministries or devotions do you have? Lets encourage one another.

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