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Free State Notebooking Pages | Harrington Harmonies State Notebook Pages

Whatever state your are in, I hope that you can use these Free State Notebook Pages in your homeschool.  We’ll be using them all year as we study each state since one of our goals this coming year is to learn all the states and capitals and a little something about each state.

This is how we will be using these pages:

  • Each week my child will pick a state, or we will pick a state that is significant at the time for our studies, and research the info needed to fill in the sheets.
  • He’ll work on a page a day.

Download Free State Notebook Pages

However, you can use these pages any way you like because they are pretty general so they can be applied however you wish.

As a fifth grader, I want my child to be prepared to start writing mini reports as soon as possible. I feel that notebooking is a great way to get the writing going without things being tedious and overwhelming. These will also help develop the research skills need for filling them out. In addition, he’ll be learning about geography, commerce, government and more.

4 Notebooking Pages for learning about a state.

The 4 page PDF Covers:

  1. State Stats and basic info: Motto, Bird, Tree, Map, Nickname, Population, etc.
  2. Geography: Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Location in U.S., etc.
  3. Historical Facts: Flag, Admission to the Union, Famous People, Events, etc.
  4. Writing Page: This page highlights the state seal and offers a space for your child to write about what was learned.

Here’s the perfect resource for using these pages and getting quick info on each state all in one place! Check out this very cool  Interactive United States Map!

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  1. Mandi says

    These are great! Thank you for making them! Do you have a preferred place to print the seals for the states?

    • says

      You are welcome. We just used Wikipedia to get the seals. Enchanted learning is good for printable flags and also has at a glance info! Hope you enjoy them.:-)

  2. says

    Thank you so very much for sharing this. I am not great with graphics, and didn’t want to create a boring form for my children. This was perfect! I can’t wait to look around your blog some more. :-)

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