Homeschool Reward System and Incentive Chart- Off to a Great Start!

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So far this year has been fabulous! We have been easing into things gently. It’s no fun to homeschool under pressure. So it’s important to me that we enjoy the time we spend and reward ourselves for a job well done.

Getting started for me, is all about beginning a method, especially since things change at a rapid pace for us. Bringing normalcy and routine are essential. Our Homeschool Reward System has really been working for us, reinforcing the good we accomplish.

To help my child get back into the routine after a LONG summer break, I devised this rewards system. It’s based on completing our “Block” schedule in the same manner you would use a check list. I think of our school day in terms of blocks of time. It blows my mind a bit to think of school as a subject for each book or course that I am covering. Read about our full curriculum HERE.  A pocket chart serves as our checklist-I like the idea of being able change or revise the schedule at any time. With a pocket chart you can simply replace the card you need to with a new card.

Here’s How the System Works:

I made gold and silver star reward cards out of card stock. I also made happy face cards.

There are 3 types of cards based on how we do:

  • Worth 25 cents or 15 minutes {Gold Star}- he did outstanding on this subject and couldn’t have done any better. It’s exactly how I’d like things to always go.
  • Worth 10 cents or 10 min. {Silver Star}- Well, maybe he had some trouble with attitude or getting it done, but overall he still did Very good.
  • Worth no reward just encouragement {Happy Face}- this means either we didn’t do the subject today, or he just did poorly and can’t be rewarded. I like to emphasize, “Well maybe we didn’t do so good. But this reminds us not to give up and to keep trying.” That way it doesn’t emphasize the negative.

Each card represents a reward and has both a monetary value and time value for playing video games. After each subject I decide which card he has earned; Gold, Silver, or just a happy face. It goes into the pocket chart schedule almost like a check list of sorts. At the end of the day it goes into the rewards jar where they accumulate throughout the week.

 At the end of each week my child cashes in his cards for his rewards and chooses to cash them for money or time on video games. This works because he isn’t allowed to play video games freely, just by earning time. It’s been revolutionary! What I like most is that it is based on positive reinforcement.
* Note: Be sure that if you do a monetary system that in the event that your child does perfect all week it adds up only to be a reasonable amount that you want to give for the week. Same for time.

This really has worked well for my child. He likes to track his progress, so I don’t have do much of the tracking. I just need to make sure that I give him a card after each block subject and remind him to transfer them to the jar after each day. It’s pretty fail proof.

To make this, you will need:

  1. A Pocket chart~ Use as schedule/subject check list.
  2. Card Stock
  3. 3 small box containers or zip lock snack size bag.
  4. Reward Jar
  5. Gold and silver star stickers
  6. Happy face sticker

If I can be of any help, feel free to comment or ask questions about using this system:) Happy Homeschooling!


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    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been searching pintrest for just this. I’ve been struggling with the homeschool thing all year. Not because of behavior at all just because I feel I may be enabling my daughter and she has become really dependent on me. She is physically disabled and she relies on me to wright and get her work for her. I really need something for her to look forward to at the end of the week as a reward. I will be getting this ready this weekend so we can begin next week.

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    Thanks so much for sharing! I was looking for something on Pinterest because I plan to do something similar with my son…only with him collecting “mom bucks” & cashing them in for prizes. Thanks for the inspiration…glad it’s working well for you :)

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