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Hearts for Home Blog Hop- Homeschool Science Projects

Hearts for Home Blog Hop | Harrington Harmonies

The Tridium is here! However you observe the next three days, I pray that this sacred time brings you much peace. I have a few science posts that I want to share with you today. These are things for all ages to supplement your homeschool science projects. They are also easy things to do over Continue Reading…


Scissor Style Like Henri Matisse Art Lesson

Matisse Art Lesson | Harrington Harmonies

Up till now I haven’t had my students do much cutting with scissors. In fact, I do a lot of pre-cutting  because it saves a great deal of time in a class setting from a teaching perspective. It was time for my students to do some cutting and this was the perfect lesson for it! Continue Reading…


Insect Notebook Pages {Free!}

Free Insect Notebook Pages | Harrington Harmonies

  Download FREE Insect Notebooking Pages Now! Insects are so fascinating aren’t they? Now that we will be getting outside and doing nature study and gardening for summer science, I couldn’t resist making these insect notebook pages. I know that we will come across tons of insects as we garden and it will be a Continue Reading…


Mom’s Relaxation Basket Giveaway!

Mom's Relaxation Basket Giveaway | Harrington Harmonies

Homeschool mom you work so hard. We sometimes just have to give ourselves a break. I find that a little time out for relaxing, however small, can recharge my batteries. Depending on how hard I’ve worked, it may be a more frequent occurrence-but that’s okay. Taking care of ourselves as much as we take care Continue Reading…


Hearts for Home Blog Hop- Heartfelt Reminder Edition

Hearts for Home Blog Hop - Heartfelt Reminder Edition | Harrington Harmonies

Dear homeschool mom, I have a heartfelt reminder for you today. I know that it’s that time of year for you-when you may be much farther behind than you had hoped on school and you just seem to be ready for it to be over. I know you may need a break.   I know there Continue Reading…

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