Prehistoric Art for Kids

Cave Paintings- Ancient Art for Kids | Harrington Harmonies

I find Ancient art so fascinating that I decided to create a whole blog series full of  lesson plans for it- Art Around the Ancient World. Plus we are studying ancient history this year so it is the perfect complement to our own homeschool.  This is the first lesson in the series. Prehistoric Art for Kids Prehistoric art tells us about the early life of the nomadic hunters and gatherers. Prehistory is everything before literacy had developed. This can fall into different timeline dates for Continue Reading...

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5 Steps to a Wildflower Nature Study

Wildflower Nature Study

It's been a busy and hot summer and I haven't gotten to tend my garden as much as I had hoped. I left for just one week in early July; It was very hot and no one was able to water for me. On my return most everything had died except my tomatoes. Only the strong survived! But even as dry as Kansas can be I noticed there was still beautiful color around me; in the wildflowers. The strength, resilience and resourcefulness of  these flowers inspired me. They are so beautiful with only the simplicity Continue Reading...

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Art Around the Ancient World

Art Around the Ancient World | Harrington Harmonies

Coming Soon... If you loved my Art Lessons by Artist then I think you will love my Art Around the Ancient World lessons too! Follow our homeschool for a trip around the Ancient World. I'll be touching on Ancient art, history,  literature and -last but not least- art project tutorials. This is a unique way to learn about art in history as well as history in general and adds a creative side to exploring the Ancient World and way of life. clipart credit Art Around the Ancient World: I Continue Reading...

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Apologia Ultimate Homeschool Planner Review

Apologia Planner Review

Oh, how important it is to fill our day with good things. I make the same mistake almost daily of letting my day run me instead of running my day. Even after 15 years of homeschool experience it's still so easy to get pulled this way and that. This year I am very thrilled to have the Ultimate Homeschool Planner from Apologia to aid me in staying the course and to encouraging me along the way. { Before I get too far I want to let you know: This is a compensated review. I have received a free  Continue Reading...

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Saint Maximilian Kolbe: Priest, Prisoner, Martyr

St. Maximilian Kolbe

We did a wonderful study on Saint Maximilian Kolbe last year along side our WWII study. Today is his feast day.  He was the perfect saint to learn a little about while we covered that war and time period. My son really got interested in the life of this holy saint. I found some wonderful resources on him which really enhanced the study.  Afterward, we went on a pilgrimage to Marytown. It all culminated with a wonderful public speaking project at the end. Books for Children About Saint Continue Reading...

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