Apologia Ultimate Homeschool Planner Review

Apologia Planner Review

Oh, how important it is to fill our day with good things. I make the same mistake almost daily of letting my day run me instead of running my day. Even after 15 years of homeschool experience it's still so easy to get pulled this way and that. This year I am very thrilled to have the Ultimate Homeschool Planner from Apologia to aid me in staying the course and to encouraging me along the way. { Before I get too far I want to let you know: This is a compensated review. I have received a free  Continue Reading...

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Saint Maximilian Kolbe: Priest, Prisoner, Martyr

St. Maximilian Kolbe

We did a wonderful study on Saint Maximilian Kolbe last year along side our WWII study. Today is his feast day.  He was the perfect saint to learn a little about while we covered that war and time period. My son really got interested in the life of this holy saint. I found some wonderful resources on him which really enhanced the study.  Afterward, we went on a pilgrimage to Marytown. It all culminated with a wonderful public speaking project at the end. Books for Children About Saint Continue Reading...

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What is an Eclectic Homeschool Program?

Eclectic homeschool program.

What is an eclectic homeschool program? It's a homeschool program deriving from various homeschooling styles, methods, philosophies and tastes. Basically, it's a bunch of different homeschool curriculum and ideas woven together in a complimentary way. I design my own homeschool program based on the needs of my child, the basic subject areas and our interests. The Educational Philosophies that have most  influenced our eclectic homeschool are Classical and Charlotte Mason. Why go eclectic? I Continue Reading...

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Apologia Basket Giveaway

Apologia Basket Giveaway! 10 wonderful Apologia items being given away. Ends 8/8/2014 | Harrington Harmonies

Before we get to the giveaway, let me first ask if  you ever just wished you could sit down and talk to a bunch of experienced moms about tons of  homeschool topics ?  Well, it's that idea that inspired this amazing book...  54 other bloggers and I have shared with you about 103 topics we feel passionate about. These topics are on a variety of subjects to include a variety of homeschool issues such as:-keeping babies and toddlers preoccupied while you homeschool-fitting in the extras-creating Continue Reading...

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Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day: Activities for your Co-op.

Co-op activities for Flying creatures of the fifth day.

Last year my son and I had a wonderful experience using Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day with our  Homeschool Co-op. We met once per week and had a full day program beginning with prayer in the morning and consisting of three class periods during the day to include a lunch and a recess. How to use Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day in your co-op. How your co-op should be set up depends on it's size and purpose. Should it be set up by grade level or ability? Our co-op groups children by grade Continue Reading...

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