Color on the Konza Praire: Old Plainsman White

Old Plainsmanfeatured

Old Plainsman White This flower reminds me of a wedding. Sometimes my creative thinking gets away from me a bit. But bear with me. If this flower was something else it would be a wedding. It doesn’t seem like much far away, very ordinary in fact. But up close it’s little flowers are so simple Continue Reading…


Color On the Kansas Prairie: Verbena Purple

Verbena Wildflower Kansas

Woolly Verbena was all over the Konza Prairie last weekend. Especially at the beginning of the trail. When I am outside, I feel happier. There is something about being outdoors. So I want to bring a bit of that freshness and color indoors too. I am hoping one of these natural color palates will inspire Continue Reading…


Color on the Kansas Praire: Milkweed Green

Milkweed Greens | Harrington Harmonies

Spider Milkweed: Green on the Kansas Prairie I got this amazing image while hiking the Konza Prairie Nature Trail. Isn’t it amazing? I loved this flower. It’s very gentle colors impressed me so much. And I love both yellow and purple together as well as green and purple. But do you know what this is? Continue Reading…


Colors on the Kansas Prairie: Sunflower Yellow

Russian Mammoth Sunflower  featuredColor Swatch from the garden of Harrington Harmonies

Sunflower yellow and gold color palates are just what you think of  for Kansas prairie colors. Below are a few interesting combinations inspired by the sunflowers here in Kansas. Common Sunflowers are wonderful but my favorite sunflower is the Russian Mammoth. There are over 60 species of sunflowers most of which are east of the Continue Reading…


Best Pinterest Boards for Art

Best Pinterest Boards for Art | Harrington Harmonies #artprojects #homeschoolart

Best Pinterest Boards for Art One of my favorite ways to get inspired for teaching art is to get on Pinterest and start looking at the best Pinterest boards for art. There are many great teachers out there but it’s not always easy to find them and their examples just from a search engine. I Continue Reading…