Tree Notebook Pages and More Tree Resources

Tree Notebook Pages - Tree Unit Resource

Tree Study: The weather here in Kansas has been amazing this last week. We did a little study on trees by just going for a nature hike at the Konza Praire with our co-op group. While there, we made a note of a few type of the trees common to the area and expanded our vocabulary of tree characteristics. Only 7% of the Konza Praire is forested, the areas along the water called the "riparian area." The most prominent trees we observed there were bur and chinquapin oak. Doing a study on trees Continue Reading...


Scribble Monsters: Scribble Art Tutorial

Scribble Art Tutorial- Scribble Monsters

Here's a seasonal art idea that is easy to do with your kids. If you don't like to focus on the creepy side of Halloween you can see this lesson applied to one of the more creative characters and less scary over on Hip Homeschool Moms. You could also apply this idea to less realistic looking monsters ( as below) or more whimsical seasonal creatures like jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows as well. Of course be realistic with your children, keep it about process and NOT product and make it fun. For Continue Reading...


Make Your Own Cylinder Seal: Ancient Sumeria Activity for Kids

make Your Own Cylinder Seal | Harrington Harmonies

Ancient Sumeria Activity for Kids The perfect Ancient Sumeria activity for kids focuses on the first forms of writing. We first discussed cuneiform. It's the obvious lesson for a little study on Sumer. But I decided not to limit the lesson to just cuneiform and discussed ancient writing in general; types of writing in the ancient world and some of the possible uses and it's development. My lesson included looking at hieroglyphs as well as looking at ancient cylinder seals and other types of Continue Reading...


You CAN Add Art to Your Homeschool + Art Basket Giveaway!

You Can Teach Art | Harrington Harmonies

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately; even as I write this post. As a homeschooler I work hard to make our homeschool fit into many aspects of our life and our ever-changing circumstances. You may have noticed my blogging has been a bit thin lately. That's because I just moved... again. Still in Kansas but life continues to change and evolve. And soon the big transition, retirement, is on the horizon. Homeschoolers are busy people. Always busy and our home schools constantly change. So adding Continue Reading...


Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Blog Tour

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Join us for...  The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Blog Tour! Find out why these homeschool mom bloggers got together and wrote about the homeschool topics for which they feel most passionately. We want to share with you our homeschool experience! During this one time event from October 1-29 you'll have the chance to learn more about what is inside this unique collection of homeschool ideas and win the big book itself (we're giving away 10 copies). Plus you will get to know the authors and their Continue Reading...